Job Title: Purchasing Manager

Products Engineering Corporation is a well-respected leader in the manufacture of a complete line of precision measuring tools, as well as photo-chemically etched parts for computer electronics and semi-conductor industries and weighing scales. Our products are used to accurately measure, gage, and inspect parts by the government, automotive, industrial, aerospace, manufacturing, wood and metal-working, masonry, music, scientific, healthcare and pharmaceutical, grocery and food service communities, as well as other industries and commercial businesses. They help our customers work smarter, faster, and more efficiently, while spending less, without sacrificing precision or quality.

As we continue to expand our business, our company is in need of the professional services of a Purchasing Manager to ensure that we have a constant stream of products and ideas that we can manufacture, market, and sell. The Purchasing Manager will work with management to identify our departments’ needs and requirements for equipment, materials, products, and acceptable solutions to stay on schedule, maintain reasonable inventory levels, and provide our products at reasonable and profitable prices. 

The hired individual will perform the following duties:

  • Analyze cost factors (marketing conditions, customer demand, material costs, etc.) to ensure fair and transparent pricing for all products;
  • Anticipate shifts in the material, tooling and labor pricing to assess present and future material availability;
  • Review our purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to our company’s policies and procedures and suggest to the Operations Manager any adjustments necessary;
  • Analyze procurement costs (logistics, packing, etc.) and suggest methods to decrease expenditures;
  • Research, manage, and inspect manufacturing and QA/QC process and procedures to develop cost reduction strategies and savings plans;
  • Identify potential vendors and suppliers to develop strong working relationships; 
  • Evaluate quantity and service of manufacturing partners and suggest corrective action when required;
  • Maintain complete and accurate records of materials received and products manufactured including costs and expenditures.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree (foreign educational equivalent acceptable);
  • 5 years’ work experience as a purchasing manager involving international trade, with working knowledge of resource allocation in purchasing and inventory management;
  • Familiar with inventory management software and proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


Apply to tools@pectools.com or Products Engineering Corporation c/o Jianhua Ren, 2645 Maricopa St., Torrance, CA 90503.