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PEC Scales

PEC Floor Scale Cable 15' Home Run Cable with 4+4Pin Plugs Both Ends

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It’s a great idea to keep an extra cable in stock because it can eliminate the down time of your scale when the original cable is run over by a forklift, or accidently pulled. This item is a 15’ cable that fits PEC Floor Scales with PEC-IN202 and IN202SS Indicators. It’s important to ensure that the connection point at your scale base is also 4 Pin Male to connect with the cable’s 4 Pin Female.


4 wire load cell cable 15’ long connecting the scale base and indicator
24 AWG copper wires
Encased braided shielding
Durable with metal support inside
4 Pin quick disconnectors on both ends
Fits PEC Floor Scales with PEC-IN202 & IN202SS Indicators